The NINE Mission PrioritiesOverseen by
1. To develop theological education, spiritual formation, leadership & management capacityDepartment of Theological Education & Spiritual Formation
2. To develop a Diocesan ministry dealing with gender issues
3. To develop a Diocesan ministry dealing with human sexuality issues
4. To develop and retain young people in the churchThe Diocesan Youth Ministry Structure & The University Chaplaincy
5. To develop socio-economic capacity within individuals andcommunities in the DioceseThe Social Development Forum / Agency
6.To plant and grow new congregations, facilities, technologies & financial sustainabilityThe Church Planting & Growth Commission
7. To develop relevant and contextual liturgical & worship materialsThe Diocesan Liturgical Team
8. To provide spiritual, psycho-social support for those in need, particularly those in fulltime ministryThe Bishop's Pastoral Council
9. To provide leadership, monitoring and evaluation to the Strategic Plan; to share it widely throughout the Diocese, promoting the plan through events and other activitiesThe Office of the Bishop, the Executive Committee, Chapter and the Finance and the Trust Boards, the Link Committee, the Diocesan Awards Committee